1ON1 EXPERIENCE is an initiative created by a group of different event experts that join forces with the mission bringing to life celebrations and unique experiences, such as corporate events, private functions, business trips and VIP parties in Costa Brava. 1ON1 EXPERIENCE strives to facilitate the process of planning an exclusive event and exceed the customer’s expectations by providing high quality services, comfort and innovative solutions with the ultimate goal of creating an incredible experience.


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Cava - Grup Oliveda 
Wines - Celler La Vinyeta
Hookah’s - Coco Tapas Lounge Bar 
Sweet table - Bimba’s Cakes 
Floral decoration - Flors Bahí
3D Woodcut “Cheers” - Light and Wood 
Furniture - Tandem Deco / Grup Pous / Reposa Sapore 
Palm trees - Jardineria Martí 
Oyster catering - Don Ostra
Pianobar - Pianobarswing
Catering - Criscatering
Tents - Carpas Casamayor
Event Design - SC Event Design 
Cocktail bar - Gintònic.cat
Lights - Match So i Llum 
Graphic Design - bm_bridesmaids
Video - Hella-Film 
DJ - DJ Sweet Dreams
Photography - Laia Fornaguera Photography