It was always one of my biggest illusions to live a “Maffia themed wedding”. And this time I actually had the opportunity to help a wedding couple from Barcelona to create their own “The Godfather” inspired wedding. How super cool is that?! And not to forget to mention, the venue La Farinera de Sant Lluís was spectacular and totally fitted with the theme. 

Curious about the result? Check this out!

“I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse!”

- The Godfather

Photo credits: Laia Fornaguera Photography


1On1 Experience, the party that we will never forget. In fact, at this moment one year ago the first edition took place in the Empordà, Costa Brava (Catalonia). An initiative organized between different suppliers specialized in the market of exclusive events. We’ve started another type of networking where great professionals and entrepreneurs specialized in events, the tourism industry, and owners of hotels, restaurants and event venues have the opportunity to get to know each other personally and at the same time enjoying a private party exclusively organized by the collaborators of 1On1 Experience.

The first edition was a tropical themed party, with which, we set up a transparent tent that we decorated with many lights, bamboo lamps and palm trees. In the middle of the tent we presented a large buffet decorated with many tropical plants and flowers where the guests could enjoy an exquisite appetizer served by Criscatering.

If you want to add a very "cool" twist to your party, then I recommend you to hire the Pianobar guys, who came from Barcelona to break the ice and give it the flair that we like so much! And of course, followed by DJ Sweetdreams who totally understands the whole idea behind every party and adapts his playlist and equipment to the ambiance you would like it to have.  

One of the most important things when organizing an exclusive party is to give an unforgettable experience to the guests. If you want your guests to be satisfied both during the party and afterwards, it’s essential that they don’t miss any detail. Or even better, give them something they do not expect before they arrive at the party. Surprise them!

Each element is part of the final result. Think of the furniture, which at the same time has to be comfortable and fits the style or aura of the party. Music! Especially music! Food! Who does not like to eat well? Drinks that need to be served by a professional team ... In short, by bringing every detail of your party to life people actually enjoy it, and they will remember it.

With our team of great event experts we bring your vision to life. From invitations to the gifts for the guests. Decoration and furniture, food & drinks, video & photographers, music and other acts… Do you have any ideas in mind? Share it with us and let’s make it memorable!

Who make 1On1 Experience possible:

Cava - Grup Oliveda 
Wines - Celler La Vinyeta
Hookah’s - Coco Tapas Lounge Bar 
Sweet table - Bimba’s Cakes 
Floral decoration - Flors Bahí
3D Woodcut “Cheers” - Light and Wood 
Furniture - Tandem Deco / Grup Pous / Reposa Sapore 
Palm trees - Jardineria Martí 
Oyster catering - Don Ostra
Pianobar - Pianobarswing
Catering - Criscatering
Tents - Carpas Casamayor
Event Design - SC Event Design 
Cocktail bar - Gintò
Lights - Match So i Llum 
Graphic Design - bm_bridesmaids
Video - Hella-Film 
DJ - DJ Sweet Dreams
Photography - Laia Fornaguera Photography


We must admit that the ruins of Sant Martí d’Empúries is one of the most breathtaking places in the Costa Brava. And what about celebrating a wedding or event right into it!? I can ensure you that this greenery wedding was a blast! These lovebirds stayed in Hostal Spa Empúries right at the beach and just a few steps away from the ruins where the ceremony took place. 

Here we show you some nice shots of the wedding and our decorations made by photographer Marta Pérez from Menorca. I’m totally in love with her style. She totally brings the ruins back to life! 

Don’t forget to watch the amazing video produced by Slowl


During my trip in Marrakesh last November something changed inside of me. This country is absolutely magical. I felt in love with the many art pieces made by hand, the beautiful big doors, tiles and pink walls. And not to forget, the food was delicious! It was an amazing experience that I truly lived and will remember for the rest of my life. 

Being creative and doing things with love and precision gives an unique result… it contains soul and character. Nowadays it seems more hard to achieve that because of modernism…technology… robots are doing great part of our work… the internet where everything is being scanned and copied… and actually human beings are day by day acting the same way without even notice… the world is changing, but my trip to Marrakesh was something special. I got really impressed by this city and its culture. Hopefully in the future we will be still seeing these beautiful creations of art.

Marrakesh gave me a lot of inspiration and new ideas to implement in our decoration rental line. I can’t wait to see some of our new decorations in upcoming weddings and events!